“Hand’s down the best pizza restaurant I’ve yet to find in Vancouver, and light years
beyond anything I’ve tried on Commercial drive, Fire Pizza offers by far the most impressive
lineup of pizzas I’ve witnessed. On a given Friday night expect to find at least seven or eight
different pizzas fresh from the oven to sample. None of the standard meat lover’s or Hawaiian
varieties either, each pizza offered is totally unique with high quality toppings and ingenious
combinations. I’m a huge fan of their button mushroom pizza, and the smoked sausage is also
amazing, as is the roasted potato. The owner is often on hand, and willingly gives out samples
to aid customers in their choice. Staff is unbelievably friendly, and prices are very competitive
considering how much they exceed quality expectations for a by the slice pizza joint.”

—Horace L. at 09/11/2012

“This place is simply amazing, from their tasty Chicken Masala (with a
generous drizzling of tzatziki) to their Veggie pizza that will redefine your view
on a veggie pizza Fire Pizza is where foodies go for good nay the BEST pizza
in Vancouver. This is the real deal folks a small local shop that is the best
at what they do. Make this a destination for dinner or a snack you will not
be disappointed!”

—Mike M. at 22/02/2012

“A cut above all the other pizza places on The Drive. Fire Pizza makes enormous
mounds of gooey, never greasy, topping-laden goodness that is miles ahead of
anything else you can get in the area.”

—iain m. at 07/01/2012

“Great pizza. Best when it’s busy, but they are good at managing the flow.
The old guy is amazing, he tries new concoctions.”

—NickyD at 11/26/11

“Simply the best on the Drive.”

—GregEh at 11/18/11

“I will definitely be coming back here – this pizza is even worth going out of your way for.
The specialty pizzas are ridiculously awesome also, judging from the shrimp one that I had.
This place is mother-murdering good. Go check it out. Yes, you. Go. NOW!”

—Brian B. at 8/18/11

“Fantastic! I’ve lived in Vancouver pretty much my whole life and must say I am sick
of every pizza-by-the-slice joint out there, but Fire Pizza definitely raises the bar.”

—Shannon E. at 8/17/11

“I think this is going to become a new pizza destination! Not only did they have tons of
other flavours i’d like to try, but they had some really atypical side dishes like baklava.
Why can’t i ever find healthy food options this good?!”

—Rheanna F. at 8/24/11

“Commercial Drive just keeps amazing me with their cute little holes in the walls…
this is no exception. I found this place by accident as I was strolling by and,
as I was passing this treasure spot, I peeked in and saw the most beautiful
spinach pizza I ever laid my eyes on! “

—Debby D. at 6/26/11

“From the minute they open till closing time, their pizza is always fresh. each slice is
so loaded with toppings they’re almost falling apart, but in a good way! The owners
(I assume) are an older couple and are the nicest people working on this street.”

—djkorben at 07/30/11

“This restaurant has excellent food for an excellent value. The owners are always very
pleasant and polite. The service is prompt and on one of the few occasions where
I have not gotten take out, the owner provided us with some free lamb to sample.”

—ballance at 05/02/10